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About Us

Sandra Karner is an Internationally Acknowledged Life Coach, mBIT/mBraining Master Coach and Trainer, NLP and Matrix Practitioner and an International Public Speaker and Trainer. 

She has backgrounds in Nursing and Naturopathy.  

We Offer
  • One To One Coaching

  • Skype Coaching

  • Evolve Your World

  • Leadership and      Management

  • mBraining Coach    Certification

  • ... and much more ...


Balanced Breathing is essential to be able to relax, to connect with your inner self.

It is also essential for mBraining/mBIT. 

In all our workshops we will teach you Balanced Breathing and you will experience how quick and powerful this technique is. 


Here you find helpful tools 


Neuroscience meets Ancient Wisdom

Latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains...

head, heart and gut...

and each has its own intelligences.


Imagine what you could achieve if your thoughts, feelings and actions would be aligned...


With mBraining this will be possible...

Coming Soon


Loving Your Life is a book journey that will empower you to live a more fulfilled life.


More info will come soon. Watch this space...

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