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mBRAINING brings neuroscience and ancient wisdom together. 

The latest neuroscience research shows you have 3 brains, in your head, heart and gut. And each brain is complex and fully functional and has its own intelligence. 

Have you ever been confused because your heart wanted one thing but your head wanted something else...and your gut feeling told you to forget it? Then your 3 brains gave you signals, but these were not aligned. 

Spiritual tradition and esoteric were informing us for thousands of years about three powerful intelligences...

And now science is finally catching up with these deep insights and brings the evidence for it. 

mBraining is the process of aligning and integrating the power of your multiple brains by utilizing NLP, Cognitive LInguistics and Behavioural Modeling.

We use mBIT, multiple Brain Integration Techniques, a suite of pracitcal techniques for communicating with, aligning and harnessing the intelligences of your multiple brains.

When your 3 brains are aligned it will transform your world, your relationship to yourself and others by making wiser decisions in your daily life.

Even our language shows the presence of the 3 brains. Do you know sayings like: 

  • I need to digest these bad news. A bad gut feeling. Feeling gutted. Butterflies in the stomach.

  • Cold-hearted. Heart-broken. Heart-warming. Heart-filling. 

  • Brain-dead. Need to get my head around this. Brain-fried. Mind-blowing. ....  


Balanced Breathing, coherence is one thing you will learn in all our programs. It is essential for mBraining. 


Sandra Karner

Sandra Karner was working and living in different countries and therefore she has a deep understanding of the diversity of different cultures.

With her background of Nursing, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy she has wide experience of the holistic approach and her warm and caring personality makes it easy to establish a deep connection with her clients.

In one-to-one consultations Sandra Karner will work with you through a personal issue, that you can find clarity about what you really want and to discover the block that is holding you back.  She will teach you how to dissolve this block to be able to move forward in your life. 

In her workshops you will experience the power of social learning, a lot of fun and knowledge will be shared. 

Sandra Karner was trained by Grant Soosalu, one of the founders of mBraining/mBIT.  


Darleen Karner has travelled the world with her mother Sandra Karner. 

She has a deep understanding of different cultures and has a caring nature. 

Darleen Karner is our Admin Person and a helping hand in our workshops.

Darleen Karner
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