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Our business times for the short workshops and coaching sessions are usually Mon - Fri 18.00 - 21.00 hrs and on weekends. 
Daytime appointments are possible. 


Evolve Your World         OCT 2018 TBA - in Germany (Training in Deutsch)                                      TBA ( Australia - QLD)



LYL BookJourney           TBA



LDM                            TBA


Coach Certification        OCT 2018 TBA - in Germany (Training in Deutsch)                                        TBA ( Australia - QLD)

Short Workshops 

We offer several different short workshops.


  • Balanced Breathing and Meditation

  • Empowerment for Women

  • From Super-Mum To Super-Woman

  • Power-Dad

  • Vision Board Craft

  • Create an Affirmation

  • Finding your Destiny

  • School is out - What Now?

  • .... and more.... Contact us if you would like a specific topic added



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