Be Good to Yourself

Balanced Breathing
Balanced Breathing

Balanced Breathing is essential to access, to communicate with and to align your 3 intelligences. 

In all our workshops we will teach you about Balanced Breathing and you will experience how quick and easy it is to relax, to de-stress. 

Balanced Breathing can help you with a lot of health issues, like sleeping problems, stress etc. 


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mBIT Balanced Breathing Pacer - Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka
Affirmations are reminders to keep focused, to stay inspired, to change to positive thinking
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be grateful and enjoy what you have
be grateful and enjoy what you have


Sometimes we can get sidetracked, old habits are trying to sneak back into our behaviour, our thoughts. 

Affirmations can help us to stay on track. They are lovely reminders to stay focused, to reinforce what we want to achieve. 

Place an affirmation where you can see it every day, maybe beside the mirror in your bathroom, you'll find the right place for you. By seeing and reading this affirmation you'll create a new neural pathway and this will help you to achieve what you really want or need. 

Please feel free to contact us to create an affirmation customized to your need.