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We offer Coaching and Training in English and German

  • mBIT Coach Certification, a 4-Day Program

  • Evolve Your World, a 2-Day Workshop

  • Leadership Decision Making, a 2-Day Workshop

  • LYL, Loving Your Life, a Book Journey

  • One-To-One Coaching

  • Skype Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Free Talks ( 60-90 min)

  • A Variety Of Short Workshops ( 2-8 hrs)

Evolve Your World

Evolve Your World is a 2-day Personal Evolution workshop, based on mBraining. If you are ready to change your life this is for you as it gives you a powerful framework and simple practical techniques to: 

  • quickly relieve stress

  • expand how you use your intuition

  • process information more holistically to enable faster, better decisions

  • be your authentic self, comfortably, easily and more joyfully to live a happier life  

You will learn mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) to align and connect your head, heart and gut brains to achieve alignment between your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

LDM - Leadership Decision Making

​We live in times of massively accelerating changes in social/business/economic spaces making the decision landscape far more complex and volatile.

Today's strategic environment is marked by Volatility, Uncertainty, Compexity and Ambiguity (VUCA). 

If you or your staff is struggling with 

  • difficulties in making decisions

  • uncertainty and insecurity

  • stress and burnout

  • difficulties in learning from complex ongoing experience

then this workshop is for you. It porvides you with practical methods for aligning and integrating your

head, heart and gut brain for increased levels of emergent wisdom in your decision-making. 

Business today cannot afford to be mired in old-world thinking and outmoded decision strategies. Recent Neuroscience of Leadership research shows that you don't make decisions from just the head - you need to know how to tap into your intuitive awareness at the heart and gut levels, especially in uncertain times. 


Good Leaders are Good Decision Makers


Learn how to:

  • bring wisdome to leadership decisions

  • gain clarity, confidence and trust in your decision making

  • bypass your mind biases - your blind spots

  • tap into the intuitive intelligence in the people around you

  • align your head, heart and gut wisdom

  • lead complex emergent change





mBIT Coach Certification

mBraining/mBIT will change your Coaching, it will enrich your coaching toolbox and will lift your coaching skills to another level. 

Learn how to help your clients to achieve their goals in a life changing way. 

We suggest to participate in the Evolve Your World Program first, therefore we offer a special price if you'll book both or if you decide later on to get the Coach Certificate after you had done the Evolve program. 

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